Alesis DM5ProHHPedal Hi-Hat Pedal

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Alesis DM5ProHHPedal Hi-Hat Pedal
* On/off hi-hat pedal * Includes 1/4" - 1/4" cable * Compatible with Alesis DM5PRO KIT, DM5KIT, Control Pad and Performance Pad (works on hi-hat and kick pedal inputs).

Alesis DM5ProHHPedal Hi-Hat Pedal This heavy metal pedal/switch with a hot flame pattern chiseled in the aluminum face, assures positive action as you kick to your hearts content! A momentary footswitch design can be used as a hi-hat pedal/switch on most electronic drum kits, as a kick and hi-hat pedal/switch on many pad controllers, or even as a start-stop switch on many drum machines.

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