Alesis DM5ProDPDZ Dual Zone Drum Pad

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Alesis DM5ProDPDZ Dual Zone Drum Pad
Designed as an additional trigger input for the Alesis DM5 Pro Drumkit, the Alesis DM5ProDPDZ is a premium-quality electronic drum pad. This revolutionary dual-zone pad delivers pro-drum sounds and familiar, comfortable playability thanks to durable, real drum heads. The velocity-sensitive, dual-zone head has separate triggers at rim and center, and provides maximum playability.

With this pad, drummers can practice quietly at home with headphones, or get as loud as they need onstage by connecting to an amplifier. The DM5ProDPDZ drum pad is ideal for recordings or live gigs. It also includes mounting hardware and a Y cable for connecting two inputs to your DM5 Module.

Alesis DM5ProDPDZ Dual-Zone Drum Pad Features:

* Dual-zone snare pad * Includes mounting hardware and Y cable for connecting two inputs to DM5 Module

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