Alesis DM5 Pro Kit w/Surge Cymbals Electronic Drum Kit

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Alesis DM5 Pro Kit w/Surge Cymbals Electronic Drum Kit
The DM5 Pro Kit with Surge Cymbals from Alesis is an affordable, professional-quality electronic drum kit that offers terrific ease of use, portability, and sound selection. The heart of the kit is the DM5 module, which contains 540 different sounds and 21 programmable drum kits in true stereo, as well as ambient effects, in a single rack space unit.

The kit also includes five drum pads; a snare, kick, and three toms, along with three Surge cymbals; ride, crash, and hi-hat. The Dynamic Articulation feature allows the drum sounds to change volume, tone, and pitch depending on how hard the pads are hit. A Random Sample feature adds variation to the sound of a drum as it's played to give you a more realistic, less static sound.

All of the sounds of the DM5 kit have been recorded at 48kHz, higher than CD-quality, to give your performance the great detail and realism you need. All of the hardware is professional-quality, with real drum shells, and firm grip hardware mounts. All of the necessary interconnect cables are included to get you up and running quickly.

Note! Kick pedal is not included.

Professional-quality electronic drum kit

Great portability and easy setup

Great for live shows or studio recording

DM5 module provides 540 sounds and 21 programmable drum kits, as well as ambient effects

Audio samples are recorded at 48kHz in true stereo for terrific quality

Five velocity-sensitive drum pad use Mylar drum heads on real drum shells with coated triple-flanged counter hoops for real feel

Surge Cymbals are made from brass-alloy with a clear layer of sound dampening material for the ultimate in feel and looks

Dynamic Articulation feature changes the tone, volume, and pitch of sounds depending on how hard a pad is hit

Random Sample feature varies the sound of a drum as it's played for a more realistic performance

Ultra-fast trigger-to-MIDI converter with 12 trigger inputs and five programmable parameters for each trigger

MIDI in, out, and thru connectors

Headphone jack with volume control for private playing sessions

Pedal input jack allows you to connect a pedal for hi-hat mode or program advance mode

All required interconnect cables are provided

Triggers 12 Input Jacks with 5 Adjustable Parameters

Polyphony 16

Multitimbral Not Specified by Manufacturer

Sampling Rate 48kHz

Presets Sounds: 540 Kits: 21, Programmable

Effects Reverb, Ambience, Dynamic Articulation

Sequencer No

Controllers Data Input Knob Front-Panel Keypad

Expansion Slots No

Sample RAM No

Connectors 4 x 1/4" Audio Outputs (2 Stereo Pairs) 1 x 1/4" Headphone Output with Volume Control 3 x MIDI Connectors (In, Out, Thru) 12 x Trigger Input Jacks 1 x 1/4" Pedal Input 1 x Power Input

External Storage No

Display Front-Panel LCD

Dimensions (WxDxH) 19 x 6 x 1.75" (483 x 152 x 44mm) (Module Only)

Weight 4.5 lbs (2kg) (Module Only)

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