Alesis DEQ-230 Rack Mount Graphic Equalizer

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Alesis DEQ-230 Rack Mount Graphic Equalizer
It wouldn’t be a stretch to call Alesis “The Graphic EQ Company." The Alesis MEQ230 is a standard in sound installations and studios, and the DEQ series now carries the torch with a groundbreaking approach to digital graphic EQs — for every application and budget — that’s taking engineers by storm.

From tweaking project studio acoustics to tuning a concert hall to balancing a mix, Alesis graphic EQs give you more features and better audio performance than any units in their price range.


* Stereo 1/3-octave digital graphic equalizer * Enhanced 24-bit sound quality, 28-bit internal processing * At-a-glance display lets you instantly check settings for each band and channel. Locking feature prevents unwanted changes * Balanced 1/4” inputs and outputs * 30 preset and 30 user programs for quick recall of any room * Bypass and channel A-B link controls


* Digital * Programmable * Graphic Bandwidth * 2 Channels/30 Bands * Analog I/O 2 * 1/4" TRS * Input/Output Gain Control * Maximum Boost/Cut: 1-segment * Hard Bypass * 19"x3.5"x4"

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