Alesis Adat HD24 Hard Disk Recorder

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Alesis Adat HD24 Hard Disk Recorder
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The Alesis ADAT HD24 is the first 24-track, 24-bit/96kHz hard disk recorder designed to work comfortably within the standard ADAT environment. The HD24 was designed from the ground up, exclusively for the purpose of recording music. This results in remarkable stability and high-quality performance that you come to expect from the name Alesis.

This remarkable hard disk recorder uses low-cost, dual removable IDE computer drives as it's recording medium. The included 40GB drive provides 180 minutes of 24-track record time at 24-bit.

The ADAT HD24 includes the features that you would expect to find on a hard disk recorder, such as cut, copy, paste and track-move editing with undo capabilities. 24 analog inputs and outputs are available along with three ADAT optical I/O's for 24 channels of digital ins and outs.

Up to 24 tracks may be recorded simultaneously - even from the analog inputs. Multiple units may be synchronized to create larger systems. The ADAT HD24 can also be easily integrated into existing ADAT systems. The HD24 comes standard with the Alesis LRC remote control.

The ADAT HD24, the first hard-disk recorder worthy of the name ADAT!

Alesis ADAT HD24 The First Hard Disk Recorder Worthy of the Name ADAT. Presenting the new state-of-the-art in digital recording systems. With 24 tracks. Two hot-swappable bays. Built-in computer interface. Resolution up to 24-bit/96kHz. And offering incredible performance and stability, thanks to their unique method of writing to the hard drive. Designed and built exclusively for recording music- not data. Yet, with an exceptionally low media cost with standard, affordable IDE drives. HD24 is the first hard disk recorder to match ADAT's legendary performance and affordability. And fit into any existing ADAT system.

Alesis ADAT HD24 Features

* 24-track, 24-bit, digital audio recording * 44.1kHz & 48kHz internal sample rates * MEDIA: 2 Caddys o 1 with installed 40GB HD o 1 empty which can contain IDE/EIDE/ATA Drive of 5400/7200/ 10000 RPM up to 2000GB * Can easily be integrated into any existing ADAT system * 24 analog inputs and outputs (+4dbu, 1/4 inch TRS), 24 channels of ADAT Optical I/O * MIDI I/O, MTC O, ethernet connection, ADAT Sync I/O * Internal editing capabilities including cut, copy & paste * Exceptionally affordable, with unique industrial design * All necessary hardware and connectors included * Comes standard with Alesis LRC remote control *

Presenting the first 24-track hard disk recorder with ADAT's legendary ease of use, quality and affordability - the ADAT HD24. Not only the next evolution of ADAT, it’s the future of recording.

Built to Overcome the Obstacles That Plague Other Hard Disk Recorders Until now, hard disk recorders meant using the same technology designed for simple data transfer - such as work processing and spreadsheets - without addressing the needs unique to recording music. The random method of hard drive reading and writing resulted in slower search time, problems with tracking, disk fragmentation and high cost.

Not anymore.

Alesis' proprietary, patent-pending method of sequentially writing to the hard drive virtually eliminates the tracking errors and random-access delay that plagues all other manufacturers' hard disk recorders. The HJD24 offers greater stability with virtually no fragmentation, and almost instantaneous response and seek time.

Fits Easily Into Any ADAT System The HD24 comes complete with 24 channels of ADAT Optical digital In/Out and ADAT 9-pin sync to fit easily into any existing ADAT system. And thanks to the familiar ADAT interface, it's easy to navigate the controls of the HD24 right out of the box. It doesn't just work with your existing ADATs, it IS an ADAT. The first ADAT to record to hard disk instead of tape.

Studio-Friendly and Ready-to-Record With 24 channels of analog and digital I/O connectors included, the HD24 easily adapts to virtually any mixing or recording setup. With MIDI In/Out and MIDI Time Code Out you can easily sync to sequencers or slave to an external work clock. And for a larger recording system, up to 16 units can be stacked to provide an almost limitless number of recordable tracks. The HD24 is an exceptional, studio-friendly, all-purpose hard disk recorder.

Easy-to-Exchange Media Two hot-swappable media bays not only allow you to instantly reload hard disks but also quickly back up your data without having to use an external drive - letting you get on with your session in record time. You get 180 continuous minutes of high-resolution 24-track recording on standard, low-cost 40-gig IDE computer disks. The result is a per-track cost virtually identical to that of using traditional ADAT tape. And portability has never been easier. Just pull out the easily removable hard disk, put it in provided shock-protective case and you're on your way.

High-resolution audio recording - up to 24-bit/96kHz - has never been easier. Or more affordable.

Creative Control Is at Your Fingertips Editing can be done from the front panel, by remote or with PC-based DAW by transferring audio via the HD24's Ethernet port. Exported tracks can even be emailed across town - or around the world - for further editing or recording.

The HD24 comes equipped with an LRC (Little Remote Control), which operates basic transport, and locate functions. The optional MRC (Medium Remote Control), available soon, will also feature audio scrub wheel, track arming, full metering and editing functions. And of course, the HD24 is fully compatible with existing BRCs (Big Remote Control) and other ADAT synchronizer/controllers already in use in may ADAT studios.

We Have Seen the Future. And It Is the Alesis ADAT HD24. Alesis is taking the world of hard disk recording into the next realm - and raising the bar for the entire industry - with breakthrough, cutting-edge hard drive technology and amazing affordability. Full-featured and adaptable to any recording environment - with the remarkable ease-of-use ADAT users have come to expect. Collapse Specifications and additional product information

Alesis ADAT HD24 Specifications

Media * 2 caddys:

1 with installed 40GB HD 1 empty which can contain IDE/EIDE/ATA Drive of 5400/7200/ 10000 RPM up to 2000GB

* Track Count 24 tracks at 24-bit/48kHz * 12 tracks at 24-bit/96kHz.

* Sample Rates Digital: 44.1-96kHz. * Analog: 44.1-48kHz (HD24). * Upgrade HD24 to 96kHz with the EC-2.

* Connections Analog: 24 24-bit inputs, 24 24-bit outputs (1/4 inch TRS, +4dBu) * Digital: 24-channel I/O via 3 ADAT Optical inputs and 3 ADAT Optical outputs * Other: o MIDI in/out o Alesis Sync in/out (DB-9) o Word Clock input (BNC, 75) o Footswitch jack for punch in/out (1/4 inch) o LRC input for traditional wired remote (1/4 inch) o 10 Base-T Ethernet (RJ-45).

* Audio Specs Frequency Response: 20Hz–20kHz +0/–1dB * Dynamic Range: 103dB A/D, >103dB D/A (A-weighted) * Distortion: <0.003% THD+N * Input Levels: nominal +4dBu, maximum +19dBu * Pitch Control: +100 cents/–200 cents, min-max 30–50kHz (30–100kHz with version 2.0)

* Power & Dimensions Power: 90-230V AC, 60W * Dimensions (H x W x D): 5.09 x 19 x 17 inches (127 x 483 x 432 mm), 3U rackmount * Weight: 20lbs (9.07kg).

* Recording Time with Optional 20-Gig Drive At 48kHz o 2 Tracks: 18.2 Hours o 6 Tracks: 6 Hours o 8 Tracks: 4.5 Hours o 16 Tracks: 2.2 Hours o 24 Tracks: 1.5 Hours * At 44.1kHz o 2 Tracks: 19.9 Hours o 6 Tracks: 6.6 Hours o 8 Tracks: 4.9 Hours o 16 Tracks: 2.4 Hours o 24 Tracks: 1.6 Hours * At 88.2kHz o 2 Tracks: 10.3 Hours o 6 Tracks: 6.4 Hours o 8 Tracks: 2.5 Hours o 12 Tracks: 1.7 Hours * At 96kHz o 2 Tracks: 9.5 Hours o 6 Tracks: 3.1 Hours o 8 Tracks: 2.3 Hours o 12 Tracks: 1.5 Hours

* Recording Time with 40-Gig Drive At 48kHz o 2 Tracks: 36.4 Hours o 6 Tracks: 12 Hours o 8 Tracks: 9 Hours o 16 Tracks: 4.4 Hours o 24 Tracks: 3 Hours * At 44.1kHz o 2 Tracks: 39.8 Hours o 6 Tracks: 13.2 Hours o 8 Tracks: 9.8 Hours o 16 Tracks: 4.8 Hours o 24 Tracks: 3.2 Hours * At 88.2kHz o 2 Tracks: 20.6 Hours o 6 Tracks: 12.8 Hours o 8 Tracks: 5 Hours o 12 Tracks: 3.4 Hours * At 96kHz o 2 Tracks: 19 Hours o 6 Tracks: 6.2 Hours o 8 Tracks: 4.6 Hours o 12 Tracks: 3 Hours

* Recording Time with Optional 60-Gig Drive At 48kHz o 2 Tracks: 54.6 Hours o 6 Tracks: 18 Hours o 8 Tracks: 13.5 Hours o 16 Tracks: 6.6 Hours o 24 Tracks: 4.5 Hours * At 44.1kHz o 2 Tracks: 59.7 Hours o 6 Tracks: 19.8 Hours o 8 Tracks: 14.7 Hours o 16 Tracks: 7.2 Hours o 24 Tracks: 4.8 Hours * At 88.2kHz o 2 Tracks: 30.9 Hours o 6 Tracks: 19.2 Hours o 8 Tracks: 7.5 Hours o 12 Tracks: 5.1 Hours * At 96kHz o 2 Tracks: 28.5 Hours o 6 Tracks: 9.3 Hours o 8 Tracks: 6.9 Hours o 12 Tracks: 4.5 Hours

* Recording Time with Optional 80-Gig Drive At 48kHz o 2 Tracks: 72.8 Hours o 6 Tracks: 24 Hours o 8 Tracks: 18 Hours o 16 Tracks: 8.8 Hours o 24 Tracks: 6 Hours * At 44.1kHz o 2 Tracks: 79.6 Hours o 6 Tracks: 26.4 Hours o 8 Tracks: 19.6 Hours o 16 Tracks: 9.6 Hours o 24 Tracks: 6.4 Hours * At 88.2kHz o 2 Tracks: 41.2 Hours o 6 Tracks: 25.6 Hours o 8 Tracks: 10 Hours o 12 Tracks: 6.8 Hours * At 96kHz o 2 Tracks: 38 Hours o 6 Tracks: 12.4 Hours o 8 Tracks: 9.2 Hours o 12 Tracks: 6 Hours

* Recording Time with Optional 100-Gig Drive At 48kHz o 2 Tracks: 91 Hours o 6 Tracks: 30 Hours o 8 Tracks: 22.5 Hours o 16 Tracks: 11 Hours o 24 Tracks: 7.5 Hours * At 44.1kHz o 2 Tracks: 99.5 Hours o 6 Tracks: 33 Hours o 8 Tracks: 24.5 Hours o 16 Tracks: 12 Hours o 24 Tracks: 8 Hours * At 88.2kHz o 2 Tracks: 51.5 Hours o 6 Tracks: 32 Hours o 8 Tracks: 12.5 Hours o 12 Tracks: 8.5 Hours * At 96kHz o 2 Tracks: 47.5 Hours o 6 Tracks: 15.5 Hours o 8 Tracks: 11.5 Hours o 12 Tracks: 7.5 Hours

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