AKG WMS 400 PT/477 Wireless Microphone System

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AKG WMS 400 PT/477 Wireless Microphone System
AKG WMS400/PT/477 Bodypack Wireless Microphone System w/CK477WR-L Tiny Headset Condenser Microphone on **Band Set 1 (650.100-680.000 MHz)

This system is comprised of the following components:

AKG SR 400 Diversity Receiver AKG PT 400 Bodypack Transmitter AKG CK477WR-L Tiny Headset Condenser Microphone, with Mini XLR Connector (CK 477 WR-L) AKG WMS 400 System Technology

AKG breaks the feature and price barrier with the WMS400 series of UHF mutlichannel wireless. The WMS400 is a frequency agile system with over 1100 possible channels, an auto set-up/frequency scan function, infrared setting of your transmitter, and a special high tech display that changes from Green to Red to alert you of any problems.

AKG SR 400 Diversity Receiver

The SR 400 diversity receiver is your best choice for cost-efficient, high-performance multichannel systems. Up to 12 channels* can be used simultaneously within the same subband and even large systems will work smoothly in environments hostile to RF transmission.

Being compatible with professional WMS 4000 antenna splitters, power supplies, and high quality antennas, the WMS 400 enables you to set up highly complex wireless systems. In Auto Setup mode, the receiver will scan the available bands, find an interference-free channel, and transmit the related frequency data to the assigned transmitter via infrared. This technique significantly reduces the time it takes to set up a multichannel system. A Rehearsal function identifying dead spots, a programmable display clearly indicating all important system parameters, twocolor display backlighting warning the user of critical conditions from a distance, and a transmitter battery status display on the receiver enhance reliability and add to ease of use.

AKG SR 400 Features

Integrated frequency scanner with frequency management database Up to 12 channels can be used simultaneously in each subband Infrared data transmission link Rehearsal function for finding dead spots Programmable warning functions using two-color display backlighting AKG SR 400 Specifications

Carrier frequency range: 650 to 680, 680 to 710, 720 to 750, 760 to 790, 790 to 820, 835 to 862 MHz Modulation: FM Audio bandwidth: 35 to 20,000 Hz THD: Signal/noise ratio: 120 dB(A) Audio outputs: balanced XLR and unbalanced TS 1/4 jack, balanced level switchable to -30 or 0 dBm

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