AKG WMS 40 FL/444 Wireless Microphone System

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AKG WMS 40 FL/444 Wireless Microphone System
AKG FLEXX Headset System mfr# WMS40/FL/444/

Ready to go wireless? AKG is ready for you with the new WMS 40 PRO FLEXX Vocal Set. Unique HDAP (High Definition Audio Performance) technology ensures the best possible, realistic sound at any time. The new C 444 head-worn microphone from AKG is rugged, extremely easy to use, and offers outstanding price/performance. Resting securely and comfortably on the headand including moisture shielding, the C 444 is the ideal microphone for any handsfree application including gymnastics or aerobics instruction, presentations, or onstage performances.

With its new cheek pads, the C 444 will stay in place even if you turn your head abruptly and a capsule shock mount reduces handling noise to a minimum. A frequency response rise at 10 kHz and rolloff below 800 Hz ensure optimum audio and intelligibility even in noisy environments. The new moisture shield that prevents perspiration from penetrating into the transducer and other design features provide optimum protection from moisture. The transmitters operate for 30 hours off a single AA size battery, saving frequent battery replacements and thus money.

The SR 40 FLEXX receiver offers three selectable frequencies in an automatic selection diversity system. Operating in the 660 MHz to 865 MHz UHF range, the SR 40 FLEXX provides three selectable, quartz stabilized carrier frequencies within the selected 3-MHz-wide frequency band. The frequencies have been factory preset to make sure you can set up a multichannel system with up to three channels with three kits operating in the same frequency band. Using a suitable combination of kits operating in different frequency bands you can even use up to nine channels simultaneously.

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