AKG K 81 DJ Headphones

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AKG K 81 DJ Headphones
AKG K 81 DJ The AKG-81DJ may be considered the next logical step up from the workhorse AKG-26P headphone. The AKG K-81DJ sealed headphone offers a nice extension on the sonics of the AKG 26P and nicely improves the clarity and detail resolution of the mids/highs while providing a slightly more even-sounding and cleanly-focused bass response. The tonal signature remains slightly rolled-off in the upper highs, but the bass response is significantly better balanced than in the AKG 26P model, so not quite as "boomy" to our ears. The soundstage imaging is also more expansive and just slightly deeper-sounding compared to its less expensive little bro' model. The ambient seal of the K-81DJ remains pretty effective but it's probably not quite so thoroughly noise-blocking as the (smaller-sized) earcups on the AKG 26P. A fairly efficient design suitable for use with portable audio players and laptop computers, the AKG 81DJ offers yet another cool sealed headphone option within the seemingly always-expanding AKG model line. Any headphone amp would make an awesome companion for this headphone and will really maximizes the unit's audio performance big-time!

The K-81DJ's mid-sized, supra-aural earcups rest on top of the ears with nicely plushy pleather-covered earpads that rotate 180 degrees, perfect for fast-paced DJ mixing with one ear or for just keeping your head on a swivel when you need to be aware of your surroundings. The earcups also fold up and collapse into the headband for ease of storage/portability. The headband construction of the K-81DJ is a lightweight but fairly thick rubberized/metal combination that feels very durable and secure on the head but might perhaps be just a tad creaky for the extra picky audiophile-type. The strong clamping force of the headband may be an issue for big-noggin folks but you can always gently bend the pliable headband somewhat for a more comfortable fit. Also, letting the headband stretch while clamped on a basketball OR clamping them over a thick stack of books for several days will help alleviate the tight-fit issue for most listeners. Generally, speaking sizing and fit adjustments are simple and effective via the straight-forward headband slider mechanism. The headphone's 'Y-cord' is a eight-foot length terminated to a gold-plated 1/8" mini-plug jack. A cord slider is included to snug up the cable as well as a 1/4" full-size screw-on adapter. A nifty carry-pouch completes the AKG K-81DJ headphone package. A 2-year product parts & labor warranty remains standard with all AKG headphones.

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