AKG K 301 XTRA Headphones

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AKG K 301 XTRA Headphones
Though some may not agree, in my opinion the two components that make a set of stereo headphones great are sound quality and comfort. It doesn't matter how good headphones sound, if they are uncomfortable to wear. Conversely, it doesn't matter how comfortable the headphones are, if they do not sound good. Of course, "good" headphones may feature one over the other, but "great" headphones need to feature both. With that said, here is a look at one of the latest AKG Acoustics headphones, the K 301 XTRA.


AKG's headphones come packaged in a full colored retail box. The front of AKG's headphones box sports the company name, logo, product name and description, "All around HI-FI stereo headphones." Also on the front, is a picture of the AKG headphones and a sticker advertising the trial version download of AKG's Hearo player, "SURROUND SOUND for HEADPHONES." Each of the two sides showcase different features of the AKG K 301 XTRA in five different languages. The back has a specifications list, also in five different languages.


System: Dynamic Design: Circumaural, open Audio bandwidth: 18-26.000 Hz Efficiency: 102 dB SPL/V Max. input power: 200 mW Rated impedance: 55 ohms Weight (without cable): 245 g (8.6 oz) Cable: 3 m (10 ft.), 99.99% OFC single cable Screw-on stereo adapter: 3.5/6.3 mm (1/8 to )


Features as listed on the back of the AKG's package:

XXL speakers with Varimotion diaphragms for incredibly accurate response. Easy to replace, washable ear pads. Self-adjusting headband for perfect fit. High efficiency, wide dynamic range, also suited for portable equipment. Hard gold plated jack plug with screw-on adapter. Single cable for excellent comfort. Oxygen-free (99.99% OFC) cable for optimum audio quality.

The majority of AKG's K 301 XTRA is housed in light blue metallic plastic. Each ear pod has vents towards the center and is slightly hinged to accommodate various shape heads. Circular leatherette pads are used for cushioning and are big enough to completely enclose all but the biggest of ears. As listed in the features, the leatherette pads are removable to replace or wash.

A single headphone cable runs out of the left ear pod and features a gold plated mini jack. The large jack adapter screws onto the mini jack rather than simply snap on like other adapters.

The overhead bridge that connects the two ear pods is comprised of two thick rubber coated spring pressured wires. Just below the bridge is a self-adjusting leather headband. Both ends of the headband expand and contract to fit the wearer's head. AKG is spelled out across the top of this headband. For those who want to know, the headband is made of bonded leather and designed in Austria.

For oversized headphones, the AKG headphones feel very light.

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