AKG K 27i Headphones

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AKG K 27i Headphones
AKG K 27i The K27i is basically a schwingy re-design of AKGs very successful K26-P closed-back headphone. The major differences are the 27i's slick iPod-white color scheme and the inclusion of an in-line volume control on the headphone cable so you don't have to fiddle with the level controls on your audio player. The in-line volume slider is basically another resistor in the signal path, so it does seem to negatively impact the overall sonic clarity compared to the no-volume control but otherwise identical k26P model. The ambient seal on the closed-back k27i earcups remains very impressive -- just like the k26P --and they will deliver superb noise-blocking from external sounds. The 32-ohm impedance rating makes the k27i quite easy to drive from portable audio players and laptop computers and its high sensitivity provides good clean output from basically any source... The bottom line?: Yet another good-sounding portable headphone from the Austrian headphone wizards at AKG!

The AKG K27i aluminum headband features the same 3D-axis design as the k26P which allows the headphone to expand to fit any sized head and to collapse and fold down into a small grey leatherette carry-bag that is included in the k27i package. The closed-back/sealed supra-aural earcups are covered with extra-plush grey pleather padding and they rotate side-to-side and pivot up-and-down for an adjustable personalized fit. The bright-white earcups, gleaming aluminum headband and matte-grey earpads create a unique high-tech look for all the iPod fashionistas out there. The k27i comes in a durable waxed cardboard box with a magnetic lock so it can be re-used for headphone storage or to stash your goodies. AKG offers a nice two-year parts & labor manufacturer's warranty standard on all their headphones.

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