AKG K 14P Headphones

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AKG K 14P Headphones
Description The featherweight K 14 P with their soft-touch finish put music in your ears no matter where you go. And the unique Crystal-Clear Sound technology makes every track sound as if you were right at the concert! An integrated volume control adds to the versatility of these fabulous ear buds.

Specifications Type dynamic, semi-open Efficiency K 12 P: 127 dB SPL/V K 14 P: 126 dB SPL/V Frequency range K 12 P: 16 Hz to 21 kHz K 14 P: 17 Hz to 23 kHz Rated impedance 17 ohms THD 17 ohms Cable K 12 P: 1.15 m (3.8 ft.), PVC-free K 14 P: 1.15 m (3.8 ft.), PVC-free, 99.99% OFC Connector Stereo mini jack Net weight (without cable) (without cable) approx. 5 g (0.18 oz.) Special features K 14 P (Only) : integrated precision volume control

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