AKG Hearo 999 Audiosphere II UHF Wireless Surround Listening System

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AKG Hearo 999 Audiosphere II UHF Wireless Surround Listening System
The Hearo 999 Audiosphere II features everything that modern technology can achieve for wireless headphones. Apart from first-class high-end wireless headphones, digital radio transmission and digital antenna diversity for absolutely noise-free reception without drop-outs, it is also fitted with a Dolby Digital decoder. This is the ideal surround system for all Hi-Fi enthusiasts who want to get optimum acoustic performance from their equipment. The emphasis is on individualism, from adjusting the sound to your personal ear matching curve to fine-tuning of the sound presets.

The Hearo 999 Audiosphere II is suitable for all analogue and digital audio sources (TV, Video, DVD/ DVD-A, Hi-Fi, SACD, PC, game consoles) as well as for high-resolution media such as DVD-A and SACD. The transmitter uses AKG’s IVA technology to achieve a natural, 3-D listening experience, and you can choose between surround and stereo modes. In stereo mode you can select three different room simulators. ACS ensures virtually perfect synchronization of sound and picture.

Several sets of headphones can be operated simultaneously from a single transmitter. Click Here for more details!

An integrated headphone amplifier gives you the option of using hardwire headphones at the same time. And with the “VMAx” virtual loudspeaker sound, you can even enjoy surround sound with conventional stereo loudspeakers.

The Hearo 999 Audiosphere II also features a swiveling external antenna for reliable transmission and an optical and coaxial digital input socket. One of the reasons for the excellent Hi-Fi acoustics of these high-end wireless headphones is the XXL capsule using Varimotion technology and computer-optimised membrane geometry. This ensures a clear sound even at loud volumes. It goes without saying that headphones in this category also have a high-quality finishing: an unbreakable metal hoop, exclusive leather headband, choice of leather or velour ear pads, and a balance control for individual left/right volume adjustment.

The powerful NiMh batteries give around 5 hours of wireless listening enjoyment. Radio transmission ensures optimal reception even through walls and ceilings, with a range of up to 50 m (under ideal transmission conditions, free-field).

Transmitter: • Integrated Dolby Surround Pro-Logic and Dolby Digital decoder • AKG IVA processing for natural, spatial sound • Integrated headphone amplifier for use with hardwired headphones • Six individually selectable ear matching curves • Four sound presets to choose from: Norm/ Music/ Movie/ Voice, each with three settings for fine tuning • Selectable surround and stereo modes. Three room simulations available in stereo mode • VMAx delivers surround effect from a single pair of loudspeakers • Accepts digital and analog input signals: TV/video/DVD/DVD-A/Hi-Fi/SACD/PC/game console • Perfectly suited for high-resolution media such as DVD-A and SACD • Digital radio transmission (absolutely noise-free) • ACS for zero delay between picture and sound • Optical and coaxial digital inputs • External swiveling antenna for efficient transmission • 914MHz UHF operating band

Headphones: • Performance equals that of quality high-end hardwire headphones. • Digital antenna diversity guarantees drop-out free reception. • Fast battery charging: less than two hours.

Specifications: Modulation: GFSK Carrier frequency band: 914 or 864 MHz (LPD band) Audio inputs: (analog) RCA connectors left/right, 20 bit converters Audio inputs: (digital) 1 x coaxial, 1 x optical (selectable) Outputs: analog audio output on left/right RCA jacks, with 20 bit converters Digital signal processing: 20/24 bit resolution Audio bandwidth: 18Hz to 24kHz Input LED: -18dB to 0dB Power Supply: 12 VDC, 800mA Radiation angle: 360 Weight: appox. 1.3 lbs (590g) Max. range: appox. 165 ft. (50m) under ideal transmission conditions (free field)

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