AKG D 880 Dynamic Handheld Microphone

AKG D 880 Dynamic Handheld Microphone
Being a hardwire/ wireless convertible design, the D 880M is becoming the new standard microphone for lead and backing vocals on stage. Never before has it been possible to produce a diaphragm with differentiating thicknesses. The Varimotion process allows the adjustment to take place at the diaphragm. The result is a quantum leap in sound performance. The Doubleflex anti-vibration system reduces all kinds of interference. Available plug-in modules:

Three plug-in modules Doubleflex anti-vibration system Spring steel wire mesh cap XLR connector module for use with a standard microphone cable XLR/S connector module with on/off switch TM 40 transmitter module for going wireless

AKG D 880 M Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone with TM40 Wireless Option Features:

Response-tailored for on-stage vocal performance Frequency-independent supercardioid pattern for added immunity to feedback Very low handling noise through use of AKG's DoubleflexTM anti- vibration shock isolation system High sensitivity (2.5 mV/Pa) resulting from use of high-energy neodymium-iron-boron magnet Interchangeable M" connector module for switched (D 880MS) or wireless operation Light-weight die cast metal body with dark matte finish Spring-steel dent resistant windscreen

AKG D 880 M Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone

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