AKG D 770 Dynamic Handheld Microphone

AKG D 770 Dynamic Handheld Microphone
AKG-D770 Dynamic Handheld Microphone High-output neodymium transducer Rugged construction Highly efficient windscreen Frequency response optimized for intelligibility

Dynamic microphone for miking instruments and backing vocals in tough night-after-night onstage use. The D 770 features a cardioid polar pattern that is virtually the same for all frequencies ("frequency independent") and uses a patented AKG Varimotion diaphragm.

The D 770 is fitted with a shock absorbing steel wire-mesh inner grill and a wire-mesh outer grill for transducer protection against damage.

The outer grill and a layer of special fabric beneath it form a very effective windscreen that will suppress pop and breath noise as well as sibilance. The extended frequency response of the D 770 slightly emphasizes the mid and treble ranges to ensure good intelligibility.

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