AKG C414 B XLS Studio Recordeing Professional Microphone

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AKG C414 B XLS Studio Recordeing Professional Microphone
C 414 B-XLS High sensitivity and extremely low self noise

Five switchable polar patterns for placement and application flexibility

Two-color LEDs provide quick visual indication of selected polar pattern and output overload

Elastic capsule suspension greatly minimizes structurally-transmitted noise from chassis vibration

H 85 professional shock mount/stand adapter, PF 80 external pop filter and W 414 X external windscreen.

C 414 B-XLS

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A reference-quality microphone especially used for accurate, beautifully-detailed pickup of any acoustic instrument.

With the introduction of the NeXt Generation C 414 B-XL models, AKG sets new benchmarks for useful features, improved technical specifications, ease of use and available accessories. All of these improvements are answers to requests from ever-demanding recording studios, broadcast stations and concert engineers, but with the basic sonic character of the legendary C 414 unaltered.

Additional features:

High sound pressure level capability and wide dynamic range

Completely immune to electrostatic and electromagnetic interference from digital gear, computer monitors, etc. thanks to solid metal housing and transformerless output stage

Three switchable bass cut filters and three pre-attenuation pads with LEDs for quick visual indication

All switchable components operate in low impedance circuits for ultra-high reliability even in extremely humid conditions

Optional R 414 remote control unit (under development) offers full control of all switchable parameters via standard microphone cable and 3-pin XLR-type connectors

A studio standard and reference microphone for recording use, one of the most famous AKG microphones went through several engineering metamorphoses. First introduced in 1971 as the C 414 comb, it was relaunched in 1976 as C 414 EB, upgraded to digital-level performance as C 414 EB P- 48, conquered the installed sound market in its C 414 B-ULS version, and the C 414 B-TL II became a favorite mic of studio engineers. The unmistakable twin-trapezoidal shape was often copied, and the unique sound and technology have remained unequaled.

Always aiming at transcending the limits of its own achievements, AKG has created a new generation of C414 microphones. With 15 new features, the new C414 represents a quantum leap in engineering.


The new C 414 is in due modesty the youngest and most beautiful member of AKGs family of famous microphones. Its proportions have been optimized, straight lines replaced with sweeping curves, flat areas with gently rounded surfaces. The new C 414 is slightly (approx. 10 %) bigger than its predecessors, looking more elegant and stylish without denying its roots. The rounded edges also reduce unwanted reflections. The rugged die-cast body is enameled in noble gray-blue. Several LED indicators inform the user about the current operating status of this beautiful microphone.


The new C 414 takes the excellent engineering heritage of the prestigious C 414 line to a new level of performance. The entire engineering concept is based on advanced SMD componentry.

- A fifth polar pattern has been added to the original set of four selectable patterns. Besides cardioid, hypercardioid, figure eight, and omni, the new generation also provides a wide cardioid.

- All switch positions, microphone output overload, and power on/off status are indicated by LEDs.

- All function selectors are situated in the low-impedance section to prevent problems at high humidity.

- A capsule shock mount minimizes handling and stand-transmitted noise.

- Preattenuation is achieved by changing the polarization voltage of the capsule.

- Tight sensitivity tolerance ( 0.5%)

- Higher sensitivity than on earlier models (+ 6 dB)

- Three preattenuation pads (0/ -6/ -12/ -18 dB)

- Three highpass filters (0/ 40/ 80/ 160 Hz)

- Low self-noise (6 dB-A)

- Provision for remote control of all selectable functions (remote control under development)

- Both X versions available as matched stereo pairs

2 versions are currently available:

C 414 B-XLS (transformerless, with ULS acoustics) C 414 B-XL II (transformerless, with TL II acoustics)

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