AKG C 420 Headset Microphone

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AKG C 420 Headset Microphone
Head-worn microphone with behind-the-neck headband External shock mount for high mechanical-noise rejection Miniature gooseneck for precise positioning near the user's mouth. Head-worn condenser microphone with wide dynamic range for perfect vocal sound. The C 420 provides a full frequency response bandwidth and is ideal for solo vocalists, singing keyboardists, drummers, guitarists, dancers, and aerobics instructors. The C 420 has a fully adjustable behind-the neck steel headband and adjustable ear pieces for comfortable and secure fit, with the cable exiting from the rear of the headband. When you require handsfree performance capabilities, the C 420 headset is your perfect choice.

C 420 PP: Microphone with standard XLR connector for phantom powering. C 420 L: Microphone with mini XLR connector for use with AKG WMS bodypack transmitters.

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