AKG C 12 VR/SP Matched Pair of Premium Recording Microphones

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AKG C 12 VR/SP Matched Pair of Premium Recording Microphones
The AKG C 12 VR (Vintage Reissue) is the modern equivalent to the classic C 12 produced beginning in 1953. The C 12 VR continues to set the standard for quality, providing its famed warmth and presence, which are direct results of its unique tube (6072), diaphragm and transformer design. Internal microphone switching is provided for preattenuation of -10 dB, -20 dB, and +10 dB boost. The available pick up patterns include omnidirectional, cardioid, and figure-eight with six intermediate patterns. The nine remotely selectable pickup patterns make the C 12 VR a necessity not only for vocals, but for instrumental solo recording, as well. The C 12 VR comes with its own professional flight case, power supply (N 12 VR), elastic suspension (H 15/T), 30 ft. multi-conductor connecting cable (MK 12 VR), and foam windscreen (W 42).


Classic 1-inch (25 mm) condenser tube performance of the original AKG C 12 Multiple patterns (nine total) remotely controlled with silent switching Uses the original 6072 vacuum tube Uses the original 1950s dual diaphragm design for sound that has the same warmth, clarity and presence of the original Internal microphone switching for pre-attenuation of -10, -20 dB and boost of +10 dB to accommodate all studio requirements. External (in control unit) two-position bass cut/roll-off Specifications: Transducer type: Dual diaphragm, 1 in. (25 mm) diameter Diaphragm material: Gold sputtered mylar foil. Frequency response: 30 Hz - 20 kHz (2.5 dB from published curves) Polar patterns: Omnidirectional, cardioid, and figure-8, with 6 intermediate patterns (silent switching) Impedance: 200 ohms (25%) Recommended load impedance: 1000 ohms or greater Output connector (from control unit): XLR (pin 2 positive) Output connector (from microphone): Tuchel 12-pin Sensitivity at 1 kHz: 10 mV/Pa for all patterns; -40 dB (dB re 1 V/Pa) Equivalent noise level (A-weighted): 22 dB (DIN 45412) Sound pressure level for 3% THD: 128 dB (equivalent to 50 Pa) Pre-attenuation: -10 and -20 dB (at microphone) Sensitivity increase: 10 dB (at microphone) Low frequency roll-off/bass cut: two-position (at control unit) Power requirement: 115/230 Vac Microphone size: 1.65 in. dia (42 mm), 8.9 in. long (225 mm) Microphone net weight: 24 oz. (0.68 kg) Shipping weight: 10 lb. (4.5 kg) Accessories included: Aluminum flight case N 12 VR remote power supply H 15/T elastic suspension MK 12V R 30 ft. (10 m) connecting cable W 42 Foam windscreen

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