AKG AS 8 TC Automatic Mixer

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AKG AS 8 TC Automatic Mixer
Automatic mixer with patented mixing algorithm Requires no manual threshold setting even in noisy or changing environments Remote control via RS 232 or analog interface Several units can be daisy-chained Processor controlled automatic mixer with eight balanced microphone inputs and one master output. A unique APG (Adaptive Proportional Gain) algorithm automatically allocates gain among the system microphones. An Adaptive Skewing function keeps non-speech sounds (coughs, bumps, clicks and pops) from affecting the automatic mixing functions. A compressor/leveler is included in the algorithm to compensate for level differences and provide a significant improvement in sound quality. Input and output levels, Auto/Direct mode, and compressor/leveler threshold can be remote controlled from a PC or other RS 232 compatible control system, e.g., Crestron® or AMX™.

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