AKAI MPD16 16-Pad USB/MIDI Controller

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AKAI MPD16 16-Pad USB/MIDI Controller
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Sixteen touch-sensitive pads let you play grooves exactly as you feel them.

The Akai MPD16 is a dedicated pad controller with MIDI and USB outputs you can use with any sampler, sound module, sequencer, or software to record and play drum and percussion patterns. The 16 pads on the MPD16 allow you to play with expression and feel for a realistic, human performance. The pads are assignable with two banks for a total of 32 pads plus a performance slider for hi-hat and other sample switching. Each pad also has variable velocity range and support for MPC's famous Full Level and 16 Levels pad response modes. Full Level switches all pads to maximum output velocity (127). The 16 Levels feature allows you to generate note velocities in 16 steps with each of the 16 pads.

Akai MPD16 USB/MIDI Pad Controller Specifications:

* Pads: 16 x 2 banks; velocity sensitive MPC-style pads * Bank: Selects the pad bank * Active: Enables the slider * Controls: Assignable slider * Connections: MIDI out; USB; 9V DC 95mA power (not required when used with USB equipped Z4/8) * Supplied accessories: USB Driver and editor software on CD-ROM

Akai MPD16 USB/MIDI Pad Controller Features:

* 16 original MPC pads (velocity and pressure sensitive) * MPC's 16-Levels and Full Level features * 2 switchable banks * Slider sending continuous controller data * MIDI and/or USB operation * Powered via USB cable (or optional AC adapter) * Setup utility software for Windows, Mac OS 9 and OS X

The MPD16 is the perfect controller for computer based drum programming. It's also a great trigger pad to use with rackmount samplers for live performance! Order yours now!

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